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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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Classification of rock wool board
Clicks: 【797】 Date: [2017/5/20 16:44:35]
Rock wool board for building has excellent fire resistance, heat insulation and sound absorption performance. It is mainly used for insulation and sound insulation of building walls and roofs; fire prevention and noise reduction of building partition walls, firewalls, fire doors and elevator shafts.
Thermal insulation: commonly used thermal insulation materials for this composite board are: rock wool, fiberglass wool, polyethylene, polyurethane, etc., with low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect.
Durability: A variety of studies have shown that it has been widely used for more than 40 years abroad. The color steel plate treated with special coating has a shelf life of 10-15 years. After that, anti-corrosive coating is sprayed every 10 years.
Beautiful: The clear lines of the profiled steel plate have more than dozens of colors, which can meet the needs of any style of building and achieve satisfactory results.
High strength: using high-strength steel plate as the base material (tensile tensile strength 5600KG / CM), coupled with the most advanced design and roll forming, has excellent structural characteristics.
Fire protection: The surface material and heat insulation material of the color composite sandwich panel are non-combustible materials, which can fully meet the requirements of fire protection regulations.
Rock wool board is made of basalt and other natural ores as the main raw materials. It is made by melting at high temperature to form fibers, adding an appropriate amount of binder, and solidifying. Thermal insulation and sound insulation. Convenient construction and installation, significant energy saving effect, and high performance-price ratio. Rock wool board is a new type of thermal insulation, flame retardant and sound absorbing material.
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