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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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WX building exterior wall insulation materials, what is good
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The commonly used thermal insulation methods of building exterior walls in China are the use of organic thermal insulation materials and inorganic thermal insulation materials. For different external wall insulation work methods, you can choose different types of insulation products for construction.

Organic insulation materials mainly refer to polymer insulation materials: expanded polystyrene board (EPS), extruded polystyrene board (XPS), sprayed polyurethane (SPU), and polystyrene particles.

The characteristics of organic thermal insulation materials are light weight, good processability, high density and good thermal insulation effect. Disadvantages are resistance to aging, large deformation coefficient, poor stability, poor safety, easy burning, poor ecological and environmental protection, difficult construction, high engineering costs, limited resources, and difficulty in recycling.

Inorganic thermal insulation material is a new type of heat-saving and energy-saving thermal insulation material used for painting the interior and exterior walls of buildings. It uses inorganic lightweight thermal insulation particles as light aggregates, plus dry powder composed of gelling materials, anti-cracking additives and other fillers. mortar.

Inorganic thermal insulation materials have the characteristics of energy saving and waste elimination, thermal insulation, fire and frost resistance, aging resistance and low price, etc., and have a wide market demand. Such as hollow vitrified beads, expanded perlite, closed-cell perlite, rock wool, etc.

Inorganic thermal insulation material has a slightly larger bulk density and slightly lower thermal insulation efficiency, but it is fireproof and flame retardant, with a small deformation coefficient, anti-aging, stable performance, good combination with the wall base layer and plastering layer, good safety and stability, thermal insulation layer strength and durability ratio Organic thermal insulation materials are high, long life, low construction difficulty, low engineering cost, good ecological and environmental protection, and can be recycled.

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